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Identifying Windstream internet service in Houston

Windstream internet plans and packages are in Houston to offer fast and reliable services for residents. Windstream internet prices are competitive with other ISPs in the area with a difference: connections you can count on all the time, every time.

Windstream internet Houston offers the following speed tiers to match all your online needs.

Premium Plus Speed Internet

Going for this plan gives you the fastest downstream speed of 100 Mbps to support the entire household’s online needs from streaming videos and music, chatting, downloading videos, music, and files minus lag and buffer. With this kind of speed, everything you do online becomes smooth and seamless.

Premium Speed Internet

The Premium plan gives zippy downstream speeds of 50 Mbps which will perfectly fit multiple devices and users as they stream loads of movies and TV shows. Downloading full album music just takes a couple minutes in just enough time to select another one.

Enhanced Speed Internet

A houseful of moderate online users will appreciate the fast downstream speed of 25 Mbps given by the Enhanced speed internet plan. With this speed tier, sending or receiving loads of photos and streaming shows and music will be quick and easy all the time.

Standard Speed Internet

Basic or light internet users will find the standard downstream speed of 6 Mbps ideal for their needs as they check emails, read news, stream a little, post on social networks, and surf a bit.

Windstream offers Dish TV to max out your entertainment experience in the home. With Dish TV, high-quality digital television and crystal clear pictures will be enjoyed by the whole family. Other than the lineup of channels, gain access to thousands of On Demand shows, movies, and programs. Upgrade your Dish TV plan to get the free Hopper, a DVR service from Windstream. With the Hopper, recording all your favorite shows including live events will be a breeze and a convenience. It also means never ever missing out on your shows again.

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