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Affordable Baja internet plans and packages

When it’s all about affordable rates, Baja broadband internet Texas offers plans and packages fitted to everyone’s budget. Baja broadband internet Houston offers services from high-speed internet, TV, bundled plans, and cable home phone services.

Speed tier offers from Baja range from the most basic downstream speed of 5 Mbps to blistering fast 100 Mbps. The speed ranges were created to cater to everyone’s digital lifestyle from simple users up to the more serious ones.

Bundling services give more enjoyment and bigger savings with the convenience of one monthly bill for all. Signing up with Baja guarantees a reliable connection that will never interfere with your phone connections. All internet plans include 5 email addresses with allowed storage up to 500 MB for each.

Setting up your own customized web page to share videos and photos with family and friends can be done with all internet plans from Baja. Problems with your internet connections and other concerns are immediately resolved with the company’s 24/7 customer care specialists. All internet plans are granted automatic entry to updated security protection from viruses, spyware, pop-ups, and spam.

Living in remote areas can be frustrating when it comes to internet connections that are not there when you need it most. Baja offers PC remote PC support service for a small monthly charge of $12.95. Choosing to subscribe to this service gives you 24/7 high tech-support to make your PC safe from viruses, spyware, and pop-ups.

The subscription also covers optimization of your PC to make it run like new every time. Setting up devices to connect them to your PC can oftentimes be confusing. Let the Baja experts do that for you to get them all working compatibly. Online configurations are also some of the headaches you encounter online. Make it easy for yourself by letting the tech experts take care of it. All these you get and more when you add this subscription to your high-speed internet service.

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