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A new beginning for Bright House internet

A new beginning has happened to Bright House by merging with Spectrum. This means that Bright House internet plans and Spectrum plans will have the same internet offers which are always fast and reliable.

Bright House, Houston, TX, together with Spectrum gives the following benefits for all their internet plans:

Set up your own in-home WiFi network to quickly and easily connect all users and devices in the household. Signing up for the plan includes a high-performance router to consistently deliver the same speed range to everyone connected to the internet. Say goodbye to connection glitches by calling their 24/7 tech experts who will only be too glad to assist you.

Become worry-free every time you log in with the free security suite included in all Charter Spectrum/Bright House internet packages. Earn these benefits with the security suite to include:

Get the chance to watch TV channels in free HD by pairing your high-speed internet connection with Spectrum TV. Grab the chance to take control over your viewing experience with the quick access to more than 10,000 shows and movies On Demand.

Be there for all your favorite live performances with the Pay-Per-View option from Spectrum TV. Missing out on your favorite shows, movies, events, and programs will be things of the past with the DVR service that allows you to record a single show or the whole series. Watch them all later at your convenience.

Do more, save more, and enjoy more with Bright House/Spectrum internet and entertainment packages. Call us today to sign up for the one you want.