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Xfinity deals that save you money

Big savings are coming your way with Xfinity internet deals. Comcast Xfinity internet has come up with amazing deals that will always give you fast and reliable services every time you go online.

Xfinity internet packages can either be standalone or bundled with other digital offers such as the home phone and TV. Greater savings are with the bundled packages as well as leveling up all your digital needs.

Single internet plans offered by Xfinity are flexible, fast, and reliable all the time. However, when savings, as well as enhanced digital experience, is what you need, you’ll never go wrong by signing up with double or triple play packages.

Preferred XF Double Play for $89.99 a month

Digital Premier & Performance Pro for $109.99 a month

Digital Starter and Performance Internet for $79.99 a month

Gives fast downstream speeds of 25 Mbps that would be perfect for all online needs from streaming, gaming, shopping, chatting, surfing, and more.

HD Preferred Triple Play for $119.99 a month