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Cox cable deals available in Houston, TX

Cox cable packages are the best options to take when you want to level up your experience in watching TV, going online and crystal-clear calls to family and friends. Cox cable internet packages offer speed tiers to meet everyone’s online needs every time, all the time.

Cox cable Houston offer bundle packages to save you more on your digital bills. The double and triple play packages are also guaranteed to max out everyone’s experience at home and on the go.

Cox makes it possible to lock in your rate if you sign up for a 2-year contract with any bundle packages of your choice. The price lock means no hidden fees or other unexpected charges as you enjoy the services for 24 months.

Cox Double Play of Internet Preferred and Contour TV for $89.99 a month

For Contour TV:

For the internet:

Speed up everything you want online from streaming, surfing, shopping, chatting, and more with the super fast downstream speed of 50 Mbps

Do more, enjoy more, and save more by getting all three services from Cox:

Cox Bronze Triple Play Internet Preferred, Premier Phone, and Contour TV for $89.99 a month

For Contour TV:

For the internet:

For the home phone:

Be right in the middle of the digital action by choosing Cox. Do it today by giving us a call.