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Faster internet options with satellite dish

Dish satellite internet is the smartest way to go for its availability wherever you happen to live. Dish satellite does not only offer fast internet connections, it also gives the ultimate TV experience in every home. With a Dish satellite TV plan, your home is instantly converted to an entertainment center with the lineup of channels including all your favorites.

Guaranteed savings of $10 a month is yours when you bundle your Dish internet packages with Dish TV. The convenience of one monthly bill for 2 great services plus the free activation fee gives more savings and more enjoyment for the whole family.

Uploading videos or photos from or to the internet can be a slow and frustrating process when the upstream speed is way lower than the downstream speed. Not so with Dish internet as it gives fast upstream speeds of 10 Mbps.

Check out the internet offers from Dish:

Internet 10 for $39.99 a month

Internet 10 Plus for $49.99 a month

Internet 50 Plus for $69.99 a month

Dish customer service is one of the finest benefits you get from Dish. Getting in touch with them can be done through a phone call or live chat 24/7.

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