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FiOs internet with Frontier cable packages

Frontier internet has gone FiOs, offering the fastest speed tiers around town and the country. Frontier internet, Houston TX offers locals all the speeds they want along with reliable services every time and all the time they want it.

Being known as the Space City as well as the largest city in Texas, Houston deserves none better than FiOs internet connections. Cable internet used to be the trend yesterday that no longer holds water today with the advent of the fiber-optic network.

Fiber-optic technology is no longer confined to just the internet for you can avail of FiOs TV and Voice with Frontier.

FiOs digital voice gives you better communication services such as crystal-clear voice calls along with over 20 favorite call features. Save more on cell phone minutes by opting for FiOs Voice plans from Frontier.

Watch all your favorite channels with FiOs TV. The lineup of more than hundreds of channels with some in full HD maxes out the TV experience of the whole family. Thousands of On Demand titles are right at your fingertips when you combine your high-speed FiOs internet with FiOs TV. Watch all your favorite shows, events, movies, and programs at home or on the go by simply downloading them on any of your mobile devices. Sign up online and grab the chance to enjoy HBO free for 2 years!

Check out Frontier’s broadband internet plans to stay connected all the time:

Simply Broadband Max for $19.99 a month

Simply Broadband Ultra for $29.99 a month

Simply Broadband Ultimate for $39.99 a month

Pick up your phone right now and lock in the price of your high-speed internet for 1 year with Frontier.